Do you mix in C7 mixer or your sampler's mixer?

After I discovered the issues with Kontakt and it’s outputs in C7 I started thinking about mixing inside Kontack. Then I though maybe it would be faster to mix in all my samplers (Kontakt, EWQL Play, BFD, Addictive Drums, Sample Tank etc…). Any one work that way? It would make it easy to pull up ready-mixed instruments/sections. More trouble than it’s worth? Comments or experiences?

I only do basic levelling/gain-staging on my samplers (Battery/Kontakt), and after that is done all the rest is done on Cubase’s mixer because of…everything? Plugins, sends, groups, links yada yada. You just can’t do all of that within the sampler.

BTW, which Kontakt issue are talking about?

I’m still on 4. I know 5 has some more FX.