Do you need to reactivate your eLicense before you get newPC

Bought a new computer, bought Cubase Elements 9 download version and my computer
turned out to be defective so I
completely reset the PC to get my information off and brought it in for exchange.

However I didn’t reactivate my Cubase and get a new activation code before I exchanged the PC because
it wasn’t working right. I’m on my new PC trying to find out how to Reactivate my license but I feel as if
I was supposed to get the codes before I switched computers. Is this true? Or can you reactivate Cubase on
your new computer after getting rid of the last. I have my receipt but my old activation codes
no longer work.

I’ve tried looking this up and following the re activation steps online but had no luck, and like I said
I feel as if I was supposed to reactivate it on my old computer and take the codes to my new computer
based on what ive read. If that is the case, should I contact customer service or is there a way to fix this?

Thanks for any help, I’d appreciate some direction if there is information on how to do this as I haven’t been
able to find it or help from someone if they know how to fix this, or if you think I should contact customer service.