Do you outline your pedal lines? (Question about preferences)

Hi all, just a question about outlining of pedal lines. Not a question about how to achieve something in Dorico, nor a complaint/feature request (I’m very content with Dorico at this moment!)

In this example, would you line them all out at the same distance? Or would you leave them at their default position? Or would you outline 2 out of 3 (the first two, because their distance to the staff is little, or the last two because they are close together). (This might be entirely different with more modern pedal signs, of course)

Just curious.


If the pedal markings don’t include continuation lines, I would not align them vertically, just let them be positioned as close to the staff as appropriate.

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Thanks Dan, I believe that’s what Behind Bars prescribes. However, in some instances that looks terrible to me. Now I just use my intuition without any rule (most of the time I don’t align, but when it conflicts with my OCD too much, I can’t help myself!)


A good human eye trumps a rule book. If it reads more easily aligned, do it.

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The rules are actually quite complex, so following one’s instinct is the best course if one is an experienced pianist with a good eye for engraving.

The pedaling is placed quite conventionally and correctly in your example. The position of the pedal terminations indicate that you want the pedal to lift before the following staccato chord and not simultaneously with it. This would place a slight gap before the chords as the hands shift position. If this is what you want, you have notated it correctly. If not, the pedal termination would usually appear directly under the chords.

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Thanks John! I consider myself an experienced pianist with a good eye for engraving, but the Chopin/Godowsky example you posted elsewhere on the forum messes with my head (now I cannot seem to find it?).

I’m going with my own senses and ignore the rule book.

I might go experimenting with the workaround that separated the alignment between the Ped. and * symbols.

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Speaking of OCD maybe take the ‘feature-request’ tag off this thread :grin:

Haha, done! At first I wanted to make a feature request for this “problem”, but during the writing of the post it occurred to me that it wasn’t a Dorico problem.

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