"Do You Remember?" 2011

Yet another cover of one of my own songs from the past. Again substantially different to the original…and sung by me…
Do You Remember?


Cool, no nits. Been a busy bee lately, hey? :laughing: :sunglasses:

Who better to cover than yourself. Well done on this one, don’t think I have heard the origional, but I certainly like what you have done here.


(Little nit: overcompressed?)

As ever: fan of the song. :sunglasses:

Got agree with Dave here mate. At times it feels as though the sound is being sucked back into the speakers, an unpleasant pumping to my ears. If your are using a buss or mastering comp try playing with the attack and release times. A nice pumping effect can help to enhance the rhythm and dynamics.

Otherwise every thing is real good. :sunglasses:


yeh ,like this tune the vocals sound a bit like michael stipe.

I like it generally, but agree about the overall compression. It feels like the acoustic rhythm guitars are really
up front on both sides in an almost unnatural way. That one guitar is noticeably out of tune when you hit the chord at :09. Was that intro recorded at another time, or is it only noticeable there because the other instruments haven’t come in yet?
I like all the subtle synth work very much. Instruments are well balanced.

Sounds just a few tweaks away from another very good recording.


Thanks for the feedback guys. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the kind comments and it seems like from what several of you say compression is the main gripe with this one… :confused: hadn’t even noticed to be honest. I always use a buss compresser, with pretty conservative settings usually 1:2.5, a 30ms attack (so that it doesn’t interfere with the drums), and the release is usually set to auto. If it’s pumping then it’s almost always something to do with sub-bass. A good argument in favour of rolling off below 40hz or so which I may not have done on this mix. :wink:

I get what you’re saying though that didn’t bother me particularly. I’ll check the chord at :09. As it happens I did go back and redo the intro at a later stage.

Someone else once said the same thing. I guess that’s not a bad comparison. :slight_smile: Could be a whole lot worse! :laughing:

Ok, I’ve revisted ALL compressors on this one and made a number of adjustments. One thing though, that you may want to comment on, is that I reckon there’s an aspect to the arrangement that inherently gives this song a ‘pumping’ kinda of feel. It wasn’t planned that way particularly, but more just the way it turned out. I wonder whether this gives the impression of compressors causing the pumping or, at least exaggerates any small effect they may be having? Anyway, I wasn’t really noticing it much myself, and that may well be because I know what it sounds like without a buss compressor, and well - it don’t sound a whole lot different to me. :confused: Anyway, I tweaked several compressors used on this one rewgardless - using even more conservative settings. I also found an useful formula for setting compressor release time to be insync with the tempo: 60,000/BPM. Simple really.


I see that it’s how you played those guitars that makes them sound like they’re pumping - most notably
on the prechorus part that starts at :48 - alternating soft and loud strums. It sounds unnatural to me
because the bass is in a very low register, and the drums are back a bit - so the guitar is standing out
to such a degree that -it- is what I’m feeling in my chest, when typically that effect is gotten by the bass
and drums. Just my opinion, the dynamics in the strumming is fine - but I’d pull the guitar volume back some,
it’s a little too dominant IMO.

You still think that’s the case in this current mix? I don’t!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but as you stated over in the lounge, you’re room is not properly treated - so what you’re hearing is
not what the rest of us are hearing. :mrgreen:

Yeah… tell me about your acoustic room treatment? What lengths did you have to go to achieve that utopia of listening environments? :mrgreen:

Nice try, but that’s a closely guarded proprietary secret. :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing:

But seriously, it sounds good Ian, no nits from me. :slight_smile:


Hi Ian

I’m not getting that extreme pumping effect now but there is something in the mix that isn’t quite up to your usual standard IMVHO. I have to agree with Lenny that there is a lot of low energy in some of the bass notes and I feel I am sometimes hearing some slight distortion or maybe it’s the oveall mix transients being compressed hard. :neutral_face: I’ve listened several times now on speakers and headphones and quite put my finger on it.

All in all it’s much better and I think it is a very good song. :slight_smile:


Dave, You probably need to be listening on whatever system Wim is using then.



Hi Ian,

this mix doesn’t sound healthy here. There is bottom-end distortion
in there and it all sounds very much crushed. What did ya do fella? :confused:

Nice arrangement, opening gtr needs a tune, a few iffy bits with timing,
great song.


Well, after some closer inspection I have actually discovered there’s parts of the vocal that are breaking up - sounds kinda like clipping but it’s not. :confused: Not sure how or why…?? Have just resung those affected parts. Not hearing any other distortion here though…

Dunno why that is either. There’s bugger all compression left on the mix now after recent tweaks made based on previous comments. :confused: If it sounds compressed… well I guess that’s just the way it sounds.

opening gtr needs a tune

Someone else said the same thing, so I re-recorded this part after tuning the guitar and quadruple-checking it. If it’s out of tune, well it seems that’s as in-tune as I’m ever gonna get it :confused:

I’ve meanwhile upped another mix though I do find myself sitting here listening to it and thinking it sounds fine and I’m left wondering if I’m losing my ability to judge - I aint hearing niggles you guys seem to be :confused: Anyway, that aside, Dave’s volunteered to have a go at a mix, once I get the tracks organised. I’m just waiting on my mate Shayne who wants to put his bass on this one - that’ll probably happen tomorrow.