Do you run HAlion Sonic and Halion 5 together ?

Just wondering how people setup Halion … if you own 5 do you bother with Sonic ??
I had Halion Sonic 2 loaded in the first slot and Halion 5 in the second slot of the VST instrument rack
(my default setup ) The third slot will be GA 4 when it come’s out … I add GA one in the third if needed . :smiley:

Pad Shop pro , Retrologue, etc are Instrument tracks… :laughing:

HS2 is quick and easy to get things going and what it can’t do its on to H5, but most
of the time H5 only gets none, one or two instruments loaded. Making me think If I should dump
H2 all together… :unamused: Anyway how about you how do you use the Halion line ,
Whats your Instrument setup ? as you can see Im hard core Steinberg …
and happy with that…

Anyone ??

I don’t have a preset project with 1 each like that. I use H2 when I know I’m not going to fiddle. I use H5 when I need internal routing and want to cross fade samples and other stuff like that. I use PadShop a lot. The project I’m working on now has 2 instances of H2, 17 instances of H5, 5 instances of padshop, 6 instances of BFD3, 2 zebras and a diva or two.

I finished one last week that had 1 H5, 2 Zebras and a BFD3.

I don’t think there’s an answer. The only person that will know is you.

I am not sure that you’ll find something that is necessarily “better” than what you currently use.

That said, I don’t really bother with HS2 at all, but that’s not because it’s no good. It’s mainly because H5 is so complex and I prefer one interface. In this same “standard” of mine, I don’t use the pre-made interfaces, e.g. Aaron, either. Again, not because there is anything wrong with it or that the H5 “native” parameter access is necessarily better. For better or worse, this works for me.

I think that you should use the plugins the way it works best for YOU. Maybe try out some new ideas, see if there isn’t a way to improve your own way rather than just change altogether? :slight_smile:

If you find ways that improve the way you work, please share. It may benefit someone else too!

I just use H5 because I feel eventually I want the option to get surgical if I need to.

I actually am not sure how the 2 work together, I almost would prefer HS2 be a HALionOne type deal, even smaller footprint that just plays the H5 programs and takes on any QC/Macros that I add for it. Even something that I could ‘detach’ from H5, like set it all up, and rip off just the program and my selection of control parameters, into one little window that holds maybe 10 channels of audio.

As it is HS2 is too big to be an efficient workspace, might as well use H5. It should have not been separate but linked to H5 as a “holder” for my programs, but a small easy, space saving automatable holder.

May I intrude with a question- I am interested in HS2, not in Halion though (I mostly use Kontakt in C7.5) but there is no trial of HS2 so I just downloaded the 30day version of Halion 5- what I want is to assess the HS2 sound library that appears to be “included” in Halion.
What I wonder is, does that sound library present itself in a way within Halion that allows reliable inferences re the HS2 library, or is Halion pimping that offering in any way, thus muddying conclusions towards the virtues of the HalionSonic library itself?


Not clear on your query. Are you asking if the 2 libraries are the same? Pretty much 2800 to 2500 sounds, I don’t know what the extra 300 are.

You will have less control over the HS library. It’s a rompler with basic pitch, vol, att/rel, cutoff, res type control. It’s a huge multichannel HALionOne with more mature control over background operation.

ok what I was asking- from trying H5, can I get an accurate picture of the HS2 offering? And thanks for the other info.

Of course! H5 is the big brother.

I would not do that though. You may find yourself getting into some section with some controls, that would then feel missing going into HS2. If that’s what you mean by accurate picture… then yes HS2 has some internal features stripped away. It would be like starting Cubase 7.5 and going to Cubase 5.

I like the fact that I can use Cubase Elements on the laptop and then bring it into the Cubase on the desktop, so for that reason I like to confine projects to HSSE where possible, and I’m sure the same would apply to HS2 … “confine” is probably not the best word to describe this … perhaps what I mean is that I like to use HSSE/HS2 to the utmost, and then I know I’m going to want to go to HALion for the heavy lifting.

What I would really like to do is to be able create content with HALion that is playable in HSSE …