Do you still need a USB-elicenser for resell?

Hello all,

I searched for general resell info and most roads lead to the ‘Resale Wizard’, which I have used. The short version: I don’t own any software that requires a physical USB elicenser (only soft) and recently purchased Halion Sonic 3 after learning that it didn’t require one. However, I’ve decided to sell it and the Resale Wizard says that, in addition to supplying the new owner the (25GB) download, I have to order/send them a physical USB elicenser, which isn’t even required to use the software???

Have I misunderstood something? I just opened a support ticket and received a message that they are really busy so be patient (their short version, lol). I have no choice to wait but figured I would ask the other experts here. There has to be a better way, yes?

Thanks for your time.

P.S. Maybe there is a good deal for the member who wants to buy Halion Sonic 3 and will supply their own empty USB drives ; )

It’s required because once you transfer the license to a USB key, it can only be transfered to another key, and never to a hard drive again. So you have to meet with the buyer physically, or include your computer in the sale. :wink: