Do you use any other DAW with Cubase Pro 8 via Rewire ?


Do you use any other DAW/s with Cubase Pro 8 via Rewire ? i.e. Reason, or FL Studio, or Live, or … ?

I’m considering using Reason 8, and FL Studio 12 with Cubase Pro 8 via Rewire. as a complimenting DAW.

Which one do you feel I should start learning, and using first (Reason 8 or FL Studio 12) ?

Reason 8 offers a modular device system ‘The Rack’ , Rack Extensions, and Refills , FL Studio offers a Pattern-Based Sequencing environment, and a new slick Vector Graphics based GUI.

Your feedback would be interesting, and helpful.


I use both Reason and Ableton Live as rewire slaves to Cubase. This is, of course, ridiculous, but it’s a lot of fun. My advice from what I’ve learned:

    • Start with one rewire slave and even though you may be functioning correctly, get used to the idea of it. After you have several projects done with your new rig, then think about another slave.
    • My opinion is that it’s best to use slave programs for limited purposes, and not try to do everything on them like you might in Cubase. Use the slaves for what they are best at. For example, Cubase’s MIDI sequencing environment by FAR is better that Reason. I don’t even care to learn Reason’s MIDI stuff. Reason does have some nice synths, and the DrRex loop player is always entertaining.

Good luck!


Thanks for the feedback. Yes, Reason 8 should be a fun, and complementing DAW to Rewire to Cubase Pro 8.


I used to use Sony acid.