Do you use iC Pro just to record or as a DAW controller?

Thinking of things I would like to see added to iC Pro I realized that there may be at least two groups of users with different needs and wishes:

  1. People who just want the basic controls to allow them to record without jumping back and forth to the DAW.

  2. People like me, who want to reduce their use of the mouse.

People in 1) may not need many more features than the app already has.

For those of us in 2), I think the app is an excellent start but can imagine many more features that would be nice to have.

I hope Steinberg wants to focus on both groups with this app.

I use it as a DAW controller to record and playback. My sound room is downstairs from my CR and it is great to be able to set up mics when others are recording or stop/start recording when I am the only player. I have a snake that is built in the wall and a duplicate set of monitors in the sound room, BTW. It’s a bit unique/odd I suppose, but the iC Pro solves a lot of problems with my setup.

When I am sitting at the desk, I just use my trackball and keyboard, and I think this answers your question? I have seen pics of studios where the iPad is sitting in a holder near the desk so I suppose there is something some producer has figured out to use it for? I am not clear what exactly. The whole touch screen thing is the wave, yes, so it won’t be too long before iPad apps will be improved for many things in the studio. I understand that Steinberg is improving/revamping GA so it’s possible we may see some iPad app appearing for it. ?? This seems a natural to me but I am just speculating. Will it replace a keyboard for most DAW duties is something that remains to be seen. Either way, keyboards will always be around because people type so I think it is important to master the keyboard commands. Well, just my thoughts and I hope I answered your question.

Edit: I just watched the new Steinberg video and it does seem that there are plenty of keyboard replacement options using an iPad and iC Pro. Hm, maybe I will rethink my process! :sunglasses: