Do you use virgin territory?

Hi forum,

a while ago when virgin territory was introduced decided to use the function and ran into some pretty ugly problems with the tool.
Since then I decided not to use it anymore.
Should I be brave enough to give it another try?

Is anyone out there actually using this without glitches?


I use it almost exclusively but it will bite you if you don’t alter your workflow. There are a few things like punching a loop that will not punch out unless VT is off so I have to be in the habit of remembering to turn it on/off. Instead of burying VT in the pref menu on the automation panel it would be nice if it was on the main panel AND if the button flashed or lit up while engaged or unengaged. Other than that, no glitches I can think of. john.

I’ve just tested the function in a new song, it works until i’ve deactivated the virgin territories :confused:
Steps for Volume Automation:

  1. Activate Virign Territory
  2. Draw volume automation
    Decision not to move forward with virgin territory
  3. Delete Automation
  4. Deactivate Virgin Territory
  5. Try to manually change the volume automation via mouse, it doesn’t work, nothing, no chance to draw a automation

I am the only one?
Please check!

Each node can be a termination node (meaning automation line will end there). If you have de-activated virgin territories then check your node in the info line and disable the termination status.