"Do you want to save the project?"

After updated to 7.5.10 I’ve noticed the following behavior:

  1. I save a project
  2. Go to close the project
  3. I am prompted with a “Do you want to save the project?” (as if I had not saved it before).

Is this a known bug? Has anyone else experienced this?

Just about everyone I think. very annoying. It doesn’t quite always do it, sometimes it doesn’t if the project has been started on Nuendo.

Glad to not be alone in this! Surely this is a bug of some sort. And surely an easy fix - eventually. :slight_smile:

lol, we’re getting closer to Logic here. :laughing:
First there is the “re-record” feature in Cubase 7.5, which was there in Logic since 01/01/01 (used to be named C-LAB Notator, back in the Atari days) and now this. After you save a project in Logic, even a single click in an empty space in Logic’s arrange window will cause it to ask you if you want to save!

This is admittedly new to Cubase, raising some eyebrows, and it has been discussed previously in this forum. The way I see it, it may not be a bug, but a decision made by Steinberg to remind certain “older users” like yours truly whether they have already saved their project after having left their computers for a certain amount of time. Honestly, I haven’t come across this phenomenon yet, but as an old Logic user, I’d personally feel safer with this feature/bug (whatever you wish to call it).

For me this is normal workflow; for you it’s just another extra single click. Not a biggie, is it?


Not a big thing, but it is precisely the kind of thing that quickly becomes irritating.

First World problems!

Now, if only I could resize the width of the new VST instrument rack…