Do you want to save your project? Goodbye!

I’ll be editing MIDI or perusing the timeline, a box will appear asking me if I want to save my project, I figure, sure… why not, I could always use a good save even though I have auto-save on 5 minutes… I hit “Yes”, Cubase closes. Not exactly what I wanted! I can’t figure it out, I know I’m not hitting any mysterious close shortcut, I realize maybe I should just try hitting “No” and that might solve it, but it’s silly… I don’t understand… it’s distracting. This happens more than a few times a day. I just did a fresh install after a newly formatted Windows 8 X64. Any ideas? Thanks.

Asus P9X79LE / Core i7-3820 / 16GB / Windows 8.1 / ASIO4ALL

Cubase never asks me if you want to save, excepting when it knows it is crashing and throws the error message saying something like “try to save your work under a different name”…could this be what is happening??

I don’t think so, it doesn’t seem to show any signs of crashing as there’s no error message. It just randomly asks me if I want to save, and when I hit yes it closes, lol. It’s not that big of a deal I guess, but it can be deceiving. This was happening before I reinstalled Windows and Cubase too, it’s probably just something specific to my configuration.

Somehow the Close or Quit command is triggered, I just don’t know how because I’m certain I’m not triggering it, at least intentionally.

Have you experimented with a system utility lately that schedules things? Do you have an entry somehow set up in the Windows Scheduler? (I think that’s what it’s called- available from the run command)

Great idea, but I have not. This is a clean install of 8.1 with the latest updates, just the bare minimum with no tweaks. I haven’t made any configuration or scheduling changes except making sure power settings are all high performance.

Do you have an alter-ego who is messing with you? That’s not supported. :wink:

Well, usually just my regular ego does enough damage, but I understand if Steinberg can not patch it in a timely manner. :confused:

Alright. I think I have been doing a combination of accidentally hitting CTRL+Q and clicking the wrong X when I am in the Key Editor. So… it turns out telling Cubase to close, closes Cubase… just wanted to keep everyone on their toes.

Ah. A common occurrence here too. Join the club. I always hit the size button to make sure. I think it’s to do with the programming language window handling more than Cubase. Don’t know what program they use but maybe Steinberg should be on that forum complaining. :laughing:

I have gotten rid of the Quit problem by just having no KC for quit…

Hilarious. Not OP, but these are the silly things we do sometimes.