Dockable And Tabbed Windows Similar To The Wavelab UI

Please add dockable And tabbed windows similar to the Wavelab UI. I like the zone concept but the dockable and tabbed windows in Wavelab offer so much more flexibility. I know that a lot of users will point to the Cubase Workspaces as a solution but the Wavelab design seems more evolved, in my opinion.

For example, the lower zone seems too small for midi editing, in less you expand it to be muck taller. At that point, it seems too large for the chord pad and sampler windows. While you can open the editor in a separate full sized window, it then seem like you are forever opening and closing windows. I would like to see the arranger, editor, mix console and other windows be able to be docked and tabbed depending on each users preference. With this type of solution you could make each area as large or small as you want an also decide what windows you want to be tabbed in that area. This would make switching to different window layouts much easier and intuitive.

+1 I agree, regarding the Mix console, its nice to have 3 Mixconsoles, but multiple view tabs (similar to the Waves CLA MixHub Plugin) would be great, to access those different consoles within that same view\window