Dockable Media Bay - Browse File Locations?

Hi Steinberg fanatics,

First off, I’m super excited to get back to testing Cubase again. I’ve always had a soft spot for good old Steinberg and I always upgrade on the first date but this time I’m particularly excited. Anyhow… I’ve a question someone would hopefully know the answer to.

In the dockable Media Bay - how can I browse to file locations? I know I have my “favorite locations” under the “Location” tab in the upper pane - but I’ve only added some category folder locations there to not clutter up the pull down (eg. drums, vocals, bass, guitars, synths). For example if I know there is a certain subfolder under my “Vocals” location, how can I get to that content easily? If I just go under vocals I end up with a looooong list of files I dont necessarily need.

Also… on the topic of Media Bay - does anyone know how to rearrange the order of the pull-down “favorite” locations? If, lets say later on I decide I’d like to have some categories close to one another in the pull-down list (eg. kicks and snares folders).


Agreed, i mainly use the define location column to browse for my hard drives in mediabay. It´s not available in the dockable version as far as I know. SB please change that.

I just want to +1 this…having user defined locations is a must in the dockable version.

Infact as I’ve posted elsewhere, my define locations functionality overall has been spotty at best, with my locations disappearing from my list at times. I’m not sure what the cause of it is.

You can do this within the media bay itself (f5). browse to the folder you wish to add. and click add. it will then appear in the dropdown box in the docked sidebar.

I’m not actually sure if this is what you mean tbh but its worth a punt.

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