dockable mediabay showing hard drives


I would like to be able to see the “define location” column displayed in the dockable version of mediabay like in the F5 version.

Because I like to go directly to the folders where I have my samples and libraries and browse through them. Also the libraries I own doesn’t always tag the samples in the same way.

I don’t tag my samples, because I have thousands of them, I much prefer going to the folders where they are (I only tag the folders :smiley:).





This feature is really important for the mediabay.

I recently upgraded to cubase 8 for this dockable feature (not to mention that i want Everything dockable, like the mixer etc etc but thats another issue) just to realize that the column “define location” is missing.

For me the dockable mediabay is pretty much useless without this feature.

Any plans on fixing this Steinberg?