Docking station part one: MacBook and MacMini

Hi everyone,
Having recently purchased a refurbished 2021 MB pro M1 max, that has only three USB C ports and a HDMI one, and still using an old MacMini, that has mainly USB A ports, I’m considering to buy a dock station where I could connect both MM and MB so to share printer, external hard disk, video monitor(s) - one HDMI and A VGA, sound card (Audient ID14 mk2 + MOTU 828 MKII fw), mouse, external typing and music keyboard and, of course, Cubase and ILok Dongles if I still needed to use C11.
I’m not sure, for the truth, if I’ve understood well the concept so the first question is:

  • is that possible? (see attached image)
    My goal would be to keep MB as ‘free’ as possible if I need to move with it, possibly using it in clamshell mode when at home…
    Hope I explained myself decently…
    Thank you,

I too wanted to keep my 2021 Macbook Pro so I could move it freely and also needed to connect multiple devices when at my desk. I settled on an Ascrono docking station, it’s then a question of connecting a hub (or series of hubs) with the connections that meet your needs. It’s not cheap, but with the right hubs connected it met my needs and sits tucked away behind my monitors, so keeps everything out of sight.

Hi @ColinMc321,
thank you for answering.
I have done a first search and I saw good docking stations, having multiple ports, are not cheap, actually; this is not the more expensive, at the end.
I like the main structure but not the option to add further hubs as I would prefer a unique piece of hardware but I’ll study it better.
Best wishes,

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