Doctors can be wrong !

3 years ago I was told I was going deaf and that it could only get worse , I was told there was nothing I could do ,so I took it pretty hard , hit the booze heavy ,had a mental break down and generally became a miserable bastard .
In the last couple of months my hearing had deteriorated pretty bad that the other day someone standing two feet away from me with standard street noise was muffled as fuck ,so in a last ditched effort before I was going to completely loose my marbles I bought a bottle of Otex and tipped half of it in each ear before going to bed .This morning ive woken up with a stonking headache and motion sickness so bad I just constantly want to hurl my internals all over the floor ( ODed on otex).
So I managed to get in the van to take the mut for a walk , turn the van ignition key and fucking hell my stereo nearly blow my ears off , normally the volumes on 24 but today I had trouble listening to it above 16 .
Arrived at the park, started walking with de mut and I was completely struggling to walk , the sound of the birds and the wind whistling was causing so much motion sickness it was unreal so I left the park came home to the refuge of my couch .
NOW ive been doing some testing on my ears since being back and as a result of dropping the drops in my ears last night I have regained a full 6k of hearing 10-16k (freq wise) and the dynamics of sound blasting my ears again is unreal ive not heard sounds at these high frequency for a long long while and to be honest im laying here on the couch now completey full of motion sickness because of the sudden change of loudness but do I give a fuck ??? NO .
I feel like ive been given a second chance and I can’t believe that believing a doctor when he told me my ears were clear and needed no cleaning had sent me spiralling into a depression , of course my hearing is still not 100% but what a difference and HORAY FOR MOTION SICKNESS !!!

Wow, I hope you get over the motion sickness and keep this level of hearing!
Good luck :slight_smile:

CONGRATULATIONS!!! :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

now … this first doctor??? :imp:

Well, that’s a good story to “Hear” :slight_smile:

Nice one, glad to hear it, hope you maintain this level, all the best…

I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome I think that is, G-string!

I sincerely wish for your situation to improve even more.

(Should the volume get too low, there are plenty of us here to help translate music into incoherent, but easy to follow, lettering for you, e.g. “Oh, his new tune sounds like ‘hum de du de ta rum’…”.) :wink:

Congratulations!!! :smiley:

Thank folks , didn’t expect this sort of reaction , im over come with emulation :slight_smile: :laughing:
I thought I would post here as I knew most of you would understand what means to loose even a little bit of your hearing .Having been told this news just sent things spiralling downwards but now just knowing that I can hear nearly all of my productions without having to rely on another pair of ears is just marvellous ,I couldn’t of asked for more .

Back to creating useless noise :wink:

Wow ! That is absolutely wonderful.


Not everyday that we get a second chance, really great to hear about yours.


So happy to hear this. Always get a second opinion! And a good lesson for all of us.

Congratulations! Really great hear your situation is getting better.


Doctors really can be wrong. 5 years ago one was absolutely sure that I’m just an alcolholic or a junkie. Only after countless laboratory tests (wher no traces of excessive alcohol usage or narcotics was found) he admitted I could be seriosly depressed.

One decided my father had dementia and there’s nothing he can do. Another one found out he only had too much pressure in his brain. Situation was fixed with simple operation but it took 2 horrible years because this false first diagnosis.

true indeed +1 for this :bulb:

I’m really happy for you. Thanks for sharing such positive message.

Wife of a dear friend complained of back pain and trouble breathing. Doctor 1 sent her to a chiropractor. Doctor 2 said it was because of her smoking and she had emphysema sent her home with an oxygen tank. Doctor 3 did a full body cat scan and immediately admitted her to ICU. That was on a Friday. On Monday they told her she had brain tumors. Tuesday they said it’s terminal. She died on Friday. This happened last month. My friend is shattered.

Sending much Aloha!

I have a similar story, albeit less serious and dramatic. A couple of years ago, I started noticing a dip in high frequency perception on my left ear. Also, I had a ringing (tinnitus), but only on that ear. My general practitioner couldn’t figure it out and I went to see a specialist. It turned out it was just excess cerumen (ear wax) that had lodged deep into the ear canal (I know, ewwww…) A 2-hour operation with a very scary-looking tool tipped with a micro-camera was needed (kinda similar to what goes into your butt when you have a colonoscopy, but smaller), but as soon as the “plug” was removed, my hearing was back to perfect. I feel like I dodged a bullet.

Great news there G!- string up that Doctor! :angry:

Once or twice a year, usually Nov.-Jan. my hearing gets severally compromised by the same thing as papi61, and it takes days or even weeks of peroxide to clear them out to where I can hear normal again instead of less than half of what’s normal.

Had them flushed 3 different times throughout my life, but I’m told that’s not always the best idea.

Thanks for sharing the story & tip - will keep it handy for next time.

Reminds me of that old joke:

  • Doctor gave a man 6 months to live.
  • When the man said he couldn’t pay his Doctor bill, the Doctor gave him 6 more months. :laughing:

Doctor gave a man 6 months to live.

  • When the man said he couldn’t pay his Doctor bill, the Doctor gave him 6 more months. > :laughing:

:laughing: :laughing: a good one

Brings to mind one more:

I rushed in and asked, “Doctor Doctor, what’s wrong with me?”

He answered, “Well…you’re obviously an idiot!”

I paused for a moment and then suggested, “Hmmm…Perhaps I should get a second opinion.”

He replied, "Very well then.

You’re f.u.c.k.i.n’ ugly too!!" :laughing:

mmmmwwwahahHAHA! I like that one! I wonder what’s wrong with me?