Document setup - feedback please

HI all,
I watched a Youtube video on creating worksheets in Dorico. While I’m pleased with the result, I’ve ended up with a lot of page override warnings in the pages panel. I imagine there’s a much better way of doing things like this - I just don’t know what that would be.

I’d appreciate any feedback/critique from the more experienced users here.



Well, page overrides are impossible to avoid entirely here, at least with the current functionality of text frames (which I’m looking forward to seeing changed in the future). Even if you create a master page with frames exactly as you want them to appear, the second you add text, it’s an override.

I think the important thing is to look for opportunities to create master pages if possible. One candidate would be a page design that tends to repeat itself.

To be honest, what you’ve done here isn’t much different than how I would do it. At present there are some inevitable limitations of text frames. We’ve seen some Easter eggs in Dorico that indicate future options to link text frames, which will help this sort of thing immensely.

Thanks Dank - I still have much to learn about Dorico but I love it so far!

How do I delete the flow heading from a Master Page please? I don’t ned the default setting.

Also, here’s my new ‘First’ Master Page with tokens

For reasons I don’t understand, the {@flowTitle@} is not appearing in the document.

Flow headers should be turned on or off using Layout Options–Page Setup–Flows. If you want to delete a text frame from the master page, just delete the frame outright. But maybe I’m misunderstanding you there.

The reason the Flow Title token isn’t showing is because (I assume) there’s not a music frame on that page, so Dorico doesn’t know what flow to identify. It looks like your first page in the screenshot is using this master page, but it doesn’t have a music frame on it.

Great content on the worksheet! (Although as a fellow b3 player, I would give your last point on the first page some more emphasis :sweat_smile:)

I think you’ve done very well with your approach, and the result looks nice except the capped heading on Typical chord voicings. To be honest, though, making these kind of worksheets is my least favorite thing in Dorico, and I often resort to other software. For everything else I do, Dorico is superior.

THanks Dank, but I do have a music frame on there - I wonder what’s going on?

Ah I think I’ve figured it out - I remove the Flow Header as you suggested and now the other {@flowTitle@} is visible. Must be a single use token like the subway!!

That’ll probably be because of this layout option that automatically hides flow titles higher on the page than a flow heading.