Document Viewer / Detailed Notes as Side Panel

Hi everyone,

as someone who uses Cubase 10 for lots of voice over work, I’d really appreciate if I could have additional information visible in my sessions and be able to save it. It would be so perfect if the right side panel would not only have my libraries/fx/etc, but also a document viewer tab where I could load and display a pdf for instance.

I’m working on a single 27" screen so there is space enough, but sizing my cubase window down just top open another application on the side is just something I don’t like. The fact that the panel is already sizeable makes it perfect for that.

Also, when speaking of possible features for that right panel: Having something to take notes and save it with every session would be very handy. Having a little field of text for each track is nice, but it is 2020 and I assume people are expecting memo functionality like on their phone, checklists, links, pastable images, maybe simple formatting options, etc. I’d love to write my ToDo’s directly into a session or write entire thoughts down.

Anyone with me?