Documentation for text syntax & variables

I’ve discovered that double-clicking (for example) the composer’s name in Write mode opens a text-editing field containing


which, pleasantly, allows me to change it to read

Words and Music by {@flowComposer@}

and see the songwriter’s name interpolated in the text I’ve added.

And that prompts my question: is there a list anywhere of the variables that Dorico allows us to embed in text?

And – bonus Q – does Dorico merely interpolate variables, or is there a syntax for more complex expressions (presently or in the works)? E.g., to be able to write something like:

Words and music by {toUpperCase(@flowComposer@)}

where “toUpperCase” would be a function that performs the obvious.

Because that’d be great.

There is a list of the tokens at Tokens - #2 by dspreadbury - Dorico - Steinberg Forums.

It’s fairly obvious how the tokens relate to the fields in Project Info!

{@flowtitle@} gives the name of the current flow on each page, which is usually what you want if your layout contains several flows. If you want to reference a different one for some reason, you can use tokens like {@flow1title@}, {@flow2title@}, etc.

I don’t think there are any functions like “toUpperCase” available.