Documentation - Question for Timo

Hi Timo,

As N6 comes with a pdf user manual it would seem obvious for any changes made to N6 to be added to the pdf documentation as each update is released.

Can we expect this to happen with the upcoming v6.0.4 release, or will all changes be kept in separate documents (which would immediately make the main user manual redundant) ?

Judging by the fact that Timo has not responded, I guess the answer is no, but I’m the only person in this conversation.

Obviously with a printed manual keeping it up-to-date is impossible, but that old thinking is not valid with a pdf manual which can easily be updated and made available to all users.

If v6.0.4 was just going to be bug fixes it would be fine, but as we can expect a lot of changes to the GUI plus other things, reading the original N6 manual will be confusing as many things will have changed.

Users new to Nuendo will get very confused.

I hope my worries are unfounded.

What makes you think we’ll see many GUI changes?

I agree with a manual update though.

Well, your own ‘comparison’ post for a start.