Documentation Suggestion for Note & Notations Input

First, thank you, Dorico Team, for making my musical life so much better!

I like the documentation but there is a refinement that would make it even better for me. In the Note Input and Notations Input sections I would find it much more useful if the important word I’m looking for is leftmost.

I would prefer it if, in the Note Input and Notations Input sections, the lists omitted the words “Inputting”, “Adding”, “Changing” and “Activating”, etc. Those words are redundant given the section titles “Note Input” and “Notations Input”.


Thanks for the feedback, Leigh, which I’ll pass on to Lillie and which we will think about.

Hi Leigh, Thanks for your suggestion, and I certainly see why you have suggested it. Unfortunately, I don’t think this is something we can do, mostly because our documentation is available as webhelp as well as a PDF; many users don’t navigate through the docs, they simply search for what they’re looking for and click the most relevant topic in the search results. Therefore, we cannot have two different topics with the same title. So for example, changing “Inputting time signatures” to “Time signatures” would make that topic look identical to the introductory topic in the Time signatures chapter of Notation reference, namely, “Time signatures”.

We do try to keep titles as concise and clear as possible (not always easy, given the complexity of some possible actions and the history of music notation!) and to help make things as easy to find as possible, I did some work on the index earlier in the year. If you go to the PDF version of the docs, you will find an entry “inputting”, with all the different things you can input as subentries. So your suggestion does actually exist in some form, just not in the topics list.