Documentation Wiki?

Because the documentation for Dorico is so thin right now — and it’s unwieldy at least for me personally to keep track of where I saw what (“Was it in the FAQ? Did I find it in the workaround thread? Was it in some other random thread?”) — would it be helpful and legal to create an unofficial wiki for documentation? I know that Steinberg and the Dorico team are developing something, but for right now, there’s just no organized (or even “organized”) reference resource.

I suppose I have zero qualifications for answering your question, except I can’t imagine how you could possibly get in legal trouble for creating your own repository of information for Dorico!

You aren’t likely to get a knock on the door if you create something for your own personal use, but if the idea is to make it public (and therefore advertise the fact that it exists) you need to make sure you stay on the right side of Steinberg’s copyright notice:

But in reality, projects like this usually fade away, because there aren’t enough people around with the free time, incentive, and expertise to do a good job of creating and maintaining them, once the initial novelty has worn off.