I did some reading on the Steinberg site about the new controller series. Well, everything looks nice - still I want to suggest to drastically improve the docuementation/descriptions. What I have seen and read so far does not go too far beyond marketing/salespitch (it is ok to do so for the purpose of “showing” the product to the market).

I mean, there is a lot of implicit assumbtions that the writing is based upon. One example: How many controllers of which type can be used simultanuously? Well, sure, they write about the 4-fader controller - 4 of them can be used. But what about the channel strip? It would make sense to have more than one controller of that kind on the desk. Quick-control… dito… etc. etc.

What dissappoints me a little is that there is no meter/screen (for showing names and values) - it would make sense to include those imho.

But well. The price seems to be ok and the potential definitely is on the software side.

cheers, Ernst