Documenting a song

I lost a song a while back. Fortunately I hadn’t been working on it for too long, so I was able to reconstruct the instruments, effects, etc. It made me think, what if I lost one I had spent a great deal of time with several instruments and effects. I could not find any “document song” song function so I came up the chart below. I collect as much data as I can for each track, including instruments, audio sends, and midi mods. (See below.)

I was wondering if anyone has come up with a more convenient method, or if there was a function that I haven’t found that would be even better than my cave man method?

Well if you do regular OS level Backups of the disk that has your Projects on in, then you can restore it from a backup. That really is the best ‘insurance policy’ against data loss (for almost everything on your computer, not just Cubase Projects). Once you’ve set it up, you can generally let it run unattended - unless you need to restore of course.

And for situations where you simply want to document something - don’t overlook the various screen-snipping tools the different OS’s offer. Easy way to capture various setting graphically.