Dodgy message

ive ben getting a few , either before i save or even when i start , i have no virus , well not as far as i know , i keep all my cyber security up to date as much as i can, help appreciated , if theres no image , bassicly i keep getting different messages telling me corrupt and to save under different heading , had 3 different types of message in all , regards happy new year , ill try be more precise , when i close later ill csreenshot the other message to

that message indicates that cubase crashed the lat time you used it. It’s almost certainly not because of a virus.

Do you have the latest version of Groove Agent SE installed ?

I doubt that this is the problem
cloud storage folders as project and content storage will introduce a lot of problems…

It’s hard to tell what is cloud storage and what isn’t - looks like the crash file might be ? The crash still happened in Groove Agent SE though.

Maybe it’s a combination… we will see :crossed_fingers: