Does 5.5 update sumtimes make SYS unstable ?

Have another one for ya … ran the 5.5 update … i think it screwed up Cubase… in the inspector i no longer see the, how can i explain it, the fields to change MIDI Channels, or MIDI In/OUT is not there any more… I’m using DSP 96/52. OK watt did I do wrong ??/



OK watt did I do wrong ??/

Well, some more information would be welcome, like which operating system you use ? And please write the next time in more appropriate way your posts. Thank you in advance.



After i installed update 5.5 the MIDI Inspector is not the way it was before. I can’t find the 1st window .it has record MIDI Channel, MIDI in/OUT, Drum Map …That has disappeared… Ithe toggle for it has changed also. and i do not know how to make a snap shot…

XP Pro
4 gig ram
intel quad
DSP hammerfall 96/52

Download the “new features 5.5 pdf” and read it…!?

Ty for the info… Read it …I know about the light blue screen to get to inspector. but the MIDI TAB that has MIDI Channel, MIDI IN/OUT program change, bank ETC is not there … that’s my real problem

TY once again thinkingCap… i found watt i need and that is working fine now … i hope i don’t need to bother you guys again

So what was it…?
You weren´t using instrument tracks accidently, were you…?