Does a Cubase 10 upgrade requires Cubase AI to be already installed?

Hi everybody

I currently own a licence to Cubase AI. I have downloaded the app, entered the serial in my online account but have NOT installed NEITHER have activated it yet.

The reason for this:

During the previous week, I have purchased and downloaded the Cubase 10 upgrade (still waiting for the dongle). Apparently I prefer to solely install Cubase 10 in my computer, as this will be my main DAW for the foreseable future.

Does anybody know if this is possible? Or will I have to initially install and activate Cubase AI in order for my Cubase 10 upgrade version to be accepted?

Thanks in advance

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You don’t have to install the full CB AI software but, you will have to have the active license for CB AI on the computer for the CB 10 (whatever version?) upgrade. Bottom line… Install the latest eLLC software and activate the CB AI license.

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