does a DDP I produce in wavelab have checksum error checks?

I’ve been assuming all along that any DDP file you produce is guaranteed to be error free because of Checksum verification built in. However I was looking at a DDP file from Bernie Grundman recently and they included a checksum verification item/program with the file. So do I need an additional outside Checksum program to be included with my DDP internet transfers to guarantee that no data is lost, or is that automatically part of the DDP file?

Wavelab includes a checksum with the ddp. It is up to the client receiving the stuff, to check the validity, with whatever checksum tool.

I get it. That means Bernie just includes a checksum tool. I guess I can be pretty sure any pro CD duplication facility is running one of those tools on all incoming DDP files.

You can be very, very confident that what BG sent you is exactly what is required.