Does a new eLicenser make Cubase faster?

Hi Folks!

I got to buy a new dongle this week after noticing weird hiccups with Cubase launching and someone in this thread recommending me to buy a new licenser, since mine was already 12+ years old.

Now with the new dongle in place, I swear I noticed Cubase launching faster and even opening projects. Is that a placebo effect or does anyone have made similar experiences?

My theory is that reading from the new dongle is faster thanks to USB 2.0 and since Cubase seeks confirmation from the dongle every time you launch it or open up the mixer or other things, it makes total sense for it to feel a lot faster now.


Yes, it does. Anytime when Cubase is checking you have a valid license, it has to communicate with the USB-eLicenser. The newer USB-eLicenser offers faster communication, so Cubase gets the replay (“Yes, the license is available”) much sooner and it can continue with the operation much sooner.

Hey Martin, anyway to check which USB version you actually have?

If you have one of those longer dongles, than it’s most probably USB 1.1 - if your dongle is short - like maybe 2 cm then it’s USB 2.0

I can confirm that.

I switched from a really old one. Can’t say that I’m noticing any difference.

I prefer the older, longer dongle. Seems to have a wamer, tube-like sound to it.



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After 3 days with the new dongle: Cubase loads and reacts faster thanks to USB 2.0 but it still crashes frequently. However, no eLicenser recognition problems. I guess I just need a newer computer :wink:


Could you share a crash dump files?

sure I’ll send via PM

Mine shows Version: 1.01
Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec. on the System Info, I think I need to get a newer one here?

I found this interesting thread thanks to a link provided by another user.
I also am having those “hiccups” problems (sometimes with program freezes, too) since I upgraded my PC (and also Cubase, actually), a few months ago. A detailed description is available at

What I can’t understand is the fact that my “old” dongles (I have two of them, both behaving the same way) are “hiccupping” only when connected to the USB2 ports of my new PC, while they still perform normally (and with no issues) if I connect them to the USB2 ports of the older PC.

I obviously don’t expect an old USB device to run faster when connected to a faster PC, but why should it run slower?
How can that be explained (and possibly fixed) ?