Does Absolute 2 need NEK?

If I would buy Absolute 2, would I still need the NEK?
What would I miss without NEK for Nuendo 7?

I am not that talented as a musician (I’m a filmmaking journalist) but from time to time I would very much like to do my own (short) scores instead of relying on third-party music - especially when it comes to royalty-regulations in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.



Hi and welcome,

Here it is what is in the NEK. So if you don’t have the NEK, you will not have this in your Nuendo. So you can edit MIDI data, but some functions are missing.

You don’t need NEK, if you want to use Absolute 2. You will be just limited in the way, how to edit MIDI data.

Thanks Martin,

let me be a bit more precise. I won’t need the scoring feature to print out notes.
But I am wondering if features like the “Intelligent composing assistance” might be helpfull for my purpose?
As said, I’m not a trained musician.
Please tell me if you suggest or recommend to buy the NEK as well.
As a non-trained musician I am limited already :wink:

Hi Stephan,

The harmony advisor could be really very helpful, if you are not trained in harmony progression theory. Chord Pads could you give even more freedom in the harmony, but still suports you with the theory in background. And thanks to the Chord Track, you could be sure, you are always in tune with all instruments (which follow the Chord Track).

Maybe it could be good idea to download Cubase Trial. You can find all these functions there. And then, you can decide, if you like them, or not.

Great, thanks!