Does AMBIDecoder work with Immerse?

I use Immerse (custom HRTF profile) with Nuendo, but in Wavelab which now supports AMBIDecoder (thank you!) I don’t see the hookup - how can I get this to work here? Thanks!

What can you do in Nuendo you can’t do in WaveLab?

In Nuendo there are separate headphone and speaker buses. With Steinberg Immerse you get a custom HRTF on the headphone bus, but the speaker bus is as normal, like this

This isn’t set up with AMBIX but just what I have at the moment, anyhow with Ambix the “Phones” bus (well it’s not really a bus actually but an internal thing) has the AMBIDecoder on it with Immerse (and it’s labeled as such, Steinberg has plenty of videos on this)

It’s a confusing system that I still don’t quite understand, WL is much clearer, but anyhow even using the 4 Speaker Configurations it doesn’t seem to be aware of headphones and Immerse.

If not, what we need is a recognition of a ‘headphone bus’ or something, and then you can put AMBIDecoder/Immerse on that with your HRTF, while the main bus has AMBIDEcoder->7.1.4 (or whatever your configuration is)

Here’s the Nuendo version

You can see Standard/Facebook (Apple seems to be the big player here now), and the Immerse dropdown. Mainwhile the main mix is still whatever the speaker config is (ATMOS in my case).

Here’s WL

Somehow it’s stuck on 7.1.4 (first speaker output). Something simple, like it was Speaker Config aware would work. That way I could switch to say, config #4 (stereo), mute the speakers and put on the headphones and get my HRTF. Ideally however the AMBIDecoder plugin would support different settings based on the speaker config. That is, it only makes the Immerse available for a Stereo output.

OH! I get it, I forgot I set the configuration on input. If I set it to stereo I get Immerse.

OK I see a way to do this I think, I need two plugins …

Basically turn off/on one or another of the plugins depending on what I’m using. Will test this but appears to be OK.

I guess then I’d say if WL could have a Headphone bus/Speaker bus concept that would be great. Or a different way, if the Playback Processing could be made aware of which Speaker Configuration that was selected.

Yes, this is regularly requested.

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