Does any one have the right path to the folder?

I have a bunch of new midi files (drumbeats) I would like to import into Groove agent SE5
So I go to the browser tab and navigate to the midi folder, right click and try to use the “Show in explorer” function. But for some reason, nothing happens.

Does any one have the right path to the folder on windows 10?

Thanks a lot
/Per :+1:


Try this:
My Documents\Steinberg\Groove Agent Common\GA Sub Presets\MIDI Files

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

When I follow the path you suggest, there’s only one folder named Decompose?

Maybe I should try to install again…?

This is the location for user files, so nothing is supposed to be there by default.

You can also check this folder (for default files):
C:\Users\ [UserName] \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Groove Agent Common\GA Sub Presets\MIDI Files

Ahh. Ok
So I should create the “GA Sub Presets” and the “MIDI Files” folders myself?

You should be able to import MIDI files from anywhere on your computer, not only from those folders. Just use the browser in GA and locate the file. You can also simply drag your files from Windows Explorer to Groove Agent.

Thanks a lot. :+1::blush: