Does anybody from the manual generally read the forum?!

I and many users have long been asking to implement the following in Cubase 10… :
Export tracks through a chain of effects on the master channel.
Ability to mix samples on the same track.Namely, so that the samples are mixed, and not cut off, when the sample climbs onto another sample.
Switching samples on the track to the next sample from the source folder by pressing the forward and backward buttons.
In the export window, export by pressing the Enter button to speed up the work.
Is it really that hard? And why is it always easy at Reaper !? Why is the Reaper listening to EVERYONE !? How much can YOUR USERS be ignored !?
Why are you sending surveys for future implementations to your DAW if they are not being implemented ?!
Specially I do not say thanks, because no one from Steinberg will see it.

You have to print it and then shake it in front of your screen and Steinberg employee will pop up on your screen

:laughing: very funny)