Does anybody have a fix for these glitches?

Once again my inspector is freezing up. I click on the drop down for fader or inserts and nothing happens.
Until 5 minutes later. Then the fader and inserts are open but I can’t close them.

Also my channel mixing console is all messed up. The clicks for eq and strip are reversed.
The spectrum meter on the standard default eq is frozen and glitchy. Clicking on various parts of the GUI
are all backwards.

I have C7.06. It’s on a dedicated windows 7 laptop.

My inspector used to freeze up on my old laptop with AI6 as well.

From what you say, I can guess that your laptop is running out of resources for some reason. Try checking the task manager’s performance tab and see how much CPU and RAM is being used and by which applications.

Do you have this problem when you start working, or it happens in the middle of a session? How much RAM do you have? Working 32bit or 64bit? How many plugins/VSTi’s in the session?

If you haven’t already, change the power settings in Windows. Especially on laptops, Windows loves to throttle down the CPU when you don’t need it to.

Also turn off any background tasks, anti-virus, etc. Auto-updaters are useless (QuickTime has one and you likely have that installed since Cubase uses it), kill them with msconfig or ccleaner.