Does anybody know how to do this?

Trying to create this special technique, but can’t for the life of me figure out how to edit a stem:
Behind the bridge

Your best bet is to create a special notehead as you can’t edit the stems. You will need to create up-stem and down-stem versions.

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Well, you could take a tremolo or buzzroll that you aren’t using in the project, and edit it using the Music Symbols editor.

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Both brilliant ideas! I’ll give both a try…

I thought about that but how would the upcurve/downcurve work? You’d probably need to edit two different markings.

Actually neither of them work well. The tremolo has the issue that I would have to sacrifice two and I can only spare one. The notehead solves this (although you need two) but then it collides with the flags of quavers or smaller notes, which can be fixed in engraving mode, but in that case might as well use a playing technique…

I’ve run into this problem before, too: when I need a custom symbol but there aren’t enough similar symbols unused in the project that I can redefine them. I wonder why we can’t add new symbols (like clefs or tremelos),the same way we can add new playing techniques, only redefine them. It would be incredible to be able to make a new symbol that inherits properties of an existing symbol for semantic and playback purposes, but that appears different graphically.

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Certainly we plan to add some additional features for providing arbitrary stem decorations in future. Are you really using the buzz roll (Z on stem) in this particular project, @Bollen? If not, then replacing that symbol in Engrave > Music Symbols seems like the simplest approach for now.

io, per ora, lo farei così:

Hi Daniel, no that did not work for me as the symbol does not get rotated. I’m using the buzz in this project, so instead I substituted other tremolos instead. In the end I went with creating a new notehead and adjusting it in Engrave mode. Not great but at least it can (sort of) be done.

To be honest I rather not sacrifice symbols in the middle of a composition, since I’m not sure yet what will or not be used…

Questo non ha funzionato per me, il simbolo rimane sopra o sotto il pentagramma

devi fare gli aggiustamenti in modalità Tipografia

Ah grazie, in quel caso è uguale alla mia soluzione

Purtroppo sì, speriamo nella versione Dorico 4.
Buona Musica

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