Does anybody know the name of the software from screenshot.

Hi Artists,

I was trying to identify this software used in LA Scoring Stages for the audio mixing process (I guess).

Thanks million!

it could be magix sequoia

You are right :laughing: it should be Sequoia. I will check it tomorrow on my DAW (I used Sequoia few times although it is very useful such as Cubase).


I’m wondering if this is a reply to something specific but has been posted in the wrong thread, perhaps?

Neither, that’s a spambot generating generic posts.

Tatum85 has made 2 posts altogether. Maybe the other one should reveal something? Click the name for context.

ummm … :confused:

Ahh…I see.

And now I realize just how naive I really am.

I thought it was someone who’s English isn’t their 1st language.

But I see what you mean by that 1st post.

Let me see if I can match it’s lack of coherence.

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Now I too sound like an idiot! :stuck_out_tongue: 1st time ever! I swear! :blush:

But I hope you by now are very completely satisfied that. :mrgreen:

Hahaha! Yes - I’m officially delighted. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: