Does anybody recognize this YSdriver Extension error?

I’m unable to open Cubase AI 6 the past couple of days because of this hang up on a re-install. Every time it get stuck at this YSDriver Extension point and goes no further. It just sits there.

If someone could point me in the right direction on this it would be greatly appreciated.

Suggest that you list your OS and hardware. Especially your audio interface.

Also, try searching the forum for “ysdriver”. Maybe something will pop up.

Regards :sunglasses:

Hi…thanks. I’m using Windows 10 and Cubase came with my Yamaha THR-X amp. I’ve been using this setup for several years without issue but had to re-install.

same issues here. help

So I upgraded to Elements 9.5 based on info that this YSdriver Extension is no longer used and installation would not be a problem. Still having the installation error.