Does anybody sleep their computer with Dorico running?

If you successfully do this what platform are you on and hardware (e.g. OSX laptop)? Just curious because in my experience Dorico is quite sensitive to the computer being put to sleep. On my older Mac Pro it had a tendency to crash on computer wake, and on Windows 10 now it locks up. I notice it seems be due to hardware access, as I changed MIDI interfaces and saw two different reactions from Dorico (both negative ones).

In the old days it was common wisdom to not sleep audio computers but instead shutdown, but that’s old school by now. I like to have the computer up and ready for immediate work, but I’m wondering if stability after sleep is being looked at, or should I just accept that shutting down and restarting Dorico everytime is what I have to do. Or perhaps there’s some configuration where I could get around this.

2019 16" Macbook Pro here, running Catalina. This machine successfully sleeps and wakes at least daily, and I rarely bother to close Dorico (or even the project(s) I’m working on).

It may be relevant that I’m not using the eLicenser dongle on this machine. I’d guess that the eLicenser doesn’t like the USB ports powering down while Dorico is open.

Hm, could be. Dorico is licensed to the machine but I have Nuendo and Wavelab on the dongle, and Dorico does bitch about not having access to the dongle when it wakes. Or it used to before more recently it just hangs.

I usually leave my 2018 Mini on permanently, often leaving Dorico documents up for when I start the next morning. I rarely restart, unless I’m upgrading, or something’s gone a bit skewy, or I’m leaving the house for a few days.

Edit: I’m also ‘on the Soft’.

I always do so with any Steinberg product, both in Win 10 and on Mac.

What may happens is a warning on a lost connection to eLC (USB), not necessarily with Dorico (this was Dorico but the message regards Hse). You can press Retry, but here all continues working even doing nothing.prot