Does anybody successfully use external Instruments with a Laptop?

The first problem I encountered, was the set up, I manage to work it out but its very long-winded to say the least

You have to set up a Cubase Midi IO on top the the Macs “Audio Midi set up” which is very odd , then set up and Audio IO routing for each External instrument.

I wish we could just open an external instrument VST plugin and select the Midi IO and Audio IO right there. More like Logic Pro simple quick .

My next major problem is I use a MacBook Pro , I set up all the Midi IO and Audio IO , label then etc .

If I then disconnect the Midi IO and Audio IO from my MAcBook , and open my MacBook away from my studio set up, when I return and re connect all the connections are lost and I have to re select each one which takes forever .

So today I need to use my Ext Synths , I have saved there settings in Audio Connections/External Instruments/Favorites , but after adding each one and then creating a new project, I couldn’t see any of them in my Instrument list (See images) until I quit and reopened Cubase.

I find all this very odd as I know lots of Composers that have external Synths use Cubase

After restarting Cubase…