Does anyone else have an issue whereby, MixConsole does not scroll to selected tracks properly?

Sometimes it does it properly, scrolling to the left/top most selected track, other times, it scrolls to the last track obscuring the rest, and I have to re-select my selection. Sometimes, it only scrolls the first selected track. Sometimes redoing selection doesn’t correct.

It can happen on both large track counts like displayed on Gif, or say, 8 tracks.

I’m still troubleshooting as to why and figuring at the 1:1 recreation steps,

I am using Track Selection follows Event Selection, which is potentially one culprit variable.

It happens often so I should be able to figure out why.


This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Is part of the issue that the Preferences are wrong?

‘Project & MixConsole - Scroll to Selected Track’ seems to have no affect


‘Project & MixConsole - Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole’

seems to affect both ‘Scroll to Selected Track’ and ‘Sync Selection’

super annoying :frowning:

When did this start happening?


To me it seems to work as expected. If the Selection Sync is disabled, then it doesn’t sync = doesn’t scroll.

The Selection Sync and Scroll are two different things.

ie, there are instances where one would want to sync selection, but not scroll. (for example, wanting the MixConsole to say focused on a range of channels, and maybe selecting others in the project window and using Q-link to fader adjust all without losing spot in MixConsole)

And there may even be instances where someone wants to scroll but not sync selection (if using a PLE selection script perhaps)

That’s only logical considering there are two preferences, one of which appears to do nothing.

If you want to sync selection and scroll… you’d think one would have to turn on enable both
‘Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole’
‘Scroll to Selected Track’

this is maybe a separate bug, or it’s just part of the brokennness of this area


Not from application point of view. If you don’t sync the Project window with the MixConsole, then MixConsole doesn’t scroll. MixConsole scrolls to the selected track, that’s it.

So I would see this as Feature Request.

Was also not working for me in 10.5
It always scrolled but was hidden behind my pinned groups on the right, or etc.
Was always just 1 selection out of being visible.

I honestly dont know why it doesnt scroll the selected channel to the middle of the mixer.
It would make the whole thing less of a hassle.

what is ‘Scroll to Selected Track’ for then?


If you mean the Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Scroll to Selected Track option, then the manual says:

Scroll to Selected Track
Scrolls the track list when you select a MixConsole channel and the respective track is out of view.

Okay then my previous statements are correct I think, and as show in the GIF

It doesn’t work in either direction. MixConsole Selection -> Project Window Selection, or Project Window Selection -> MixConsole.

For some reason, ‘Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole’ is doing both duties. pretty sure this is a bug


Also, ‘Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole’ enabled, will scroll to selected track even if ‘Scroll To Selected Track’ is disabled

so it really doesn’t make sense.


same problematic behaviour in the Visibility track list as well, ‘Scroll To Selected Track’ does nothing enables or disabled, and also does nothing with ‘Sync Selection…’ enabled or disabled, but ‘Sync Selection…’ enabled does scroll.


Sorry, but from your video, it’s not clear, what Preferences do you have enabled and that preferences do you have disabled.

Make sure the Preferences > Editing > Project & MixConsole > Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole is enabled, please.

Ot would be nice, if you could provide the whole step-by-step procedure. So far it’s incomplete and hard to guess, what you are doing.

I figured it out

‘Scroll To Selected Track’ seems to only work on the Visibility Track Menu when selecting tracks in it, project window will scroll to track if the pref is enabled.

I think there is a difference in protocol depending on lower zone MixConsole vs MixConsole 1/2/3. The preference will not have an affect on lowerzone MixConsole as there is no Track Visibility list for the lz MixConsole, where as there other MixConsoles do.

‘Sync Selection…’ has an affect on scroll no matter what.

So this is all a bit messy, if not in protocol, then in the naming and description of the preferences.

To me it would make sense if:

‘Sync Selection in Project Window and MixConsole’

were the parent preference

and ‘Scroll To Selected Track’ was the child sub-preference. But maybe the protocol doesn’t even intend for these to be cohesive features.