Does anyone else wish they could set default Zoom for Variaudio?

I find the current iteration of Variaudio to be a very good tool. I mostly mix artist driven music and find myself doing a lot of vocal touch-ups these days. (remember when you had to be able to sing to be an artist?)

The default vertical Zoom settings really don’t provide enough hike for the objects to get out all the controls easily and quickly. So pretty much every time I double click and open a file for tuning, and there are many, I have to adjust the vertical zoom level. It would be fantastic to be able to set it up as a default. Few people cover even 2 octaves singing.

Is anybody else feeling me on this one?

Well it seems to be saving the sizing of the grid on a track-by-track basis with each project, which is fine for me. I can have different sizing on each track if I want.

A global setting would also be nice though.

+1 - and optimize the change mechanism between different lanes (in multimode)! It sometimes is quite hard to hit the different colours/lanes!


The latest version of Variaudio is pretty cool and the added functionality is awesome… but…

I remember past versions of Variaudio “remembering” your vertical zoom setting so you only had to do it once every project. Having to do it on every single audio event is desperating.