Does anyone find this naming -?- ... 8.0.10 after 8.0.5?

Wouldn’t the one that comes after 8.0.5 be 8.0.6 or greater?


Thanks for posting. was wondering

10 (ten) is greater than 5 (five). I know… right of the decimal point, etc. but there are two decimal points so the conventional numbering system does not apply.
Does it really matter?

Nothing really matters.
(Anyone can see!).

… any way the wind blows …

nothing really matters tooooo meee!

What’s wrong with that ? That how most the software I use do it, including my own stuff.

I guess a lot of people have firmly programmed into their brains that a “.” is either a “period” when at the end of a sentence, a “dot” when followed by 3 letters, or a “point”(i.e. a decimal) when followed by a number. That in this case there are two "."s is apparently too much, so the brain seems to ignore it.

This is a point release within a development cycle and the "."s are nothing more than organizational separators, typically for Major Version. Minor Version. Revision, and sometimes followed by a “build number”, the version numbering scheme is often self tailored by a given company, and there are no stringent standards, only general guidelines. It’s not unknown for a given release to go from say 1.99 to 1.100 instead of 2.0.