Does anyone have a Cubase SL 2 License to sell?

Hi everyone,

I’ve tried to get a new license from Steinberg for my old copy of Cubase SL - typical lost dongle problem. But no luck. I need to get back to that version to pull all my old sessions. Does anyone have a license they’d be willing to sell?

Thank you!

Cubase SL 2 is almost 15 years old. You wont find anyone with that version.

Cubase Artist 9 can open Cubase SL projects. But if you buy Cubase Pro you’ll be able to run ANY version of Cubase released after 2002, including SL 2.

You can take advantage of the current sale to get Cubase Pro for cheap. Just buy Sequel 3 and upgrade it to Cubase Pro:

yea buddy why would u tell him that ? therse alot of people that have been around the last 15 years… i disagree entirely with your response; becuase i have a copy of SL2 sitting next to my hand as im typing this; why do people on the internet feel they have that authority to answer other peoples inquiries; if u cant help the guy why are u even bothering to respond to him?
if someone places a wanted ad on the classified ads do u take the time to resond to each ad and say sorry no i dont have that? lol the guy is expressing interest in buying a license of someone else; there very well could be someone who has one sitting on a shelf to sell…

I am in the exeact same situation. I have upgraded since cubase SL 3 but recently I lost my elicenser and tried to activate a new one but I must have done something wrong, because my new elicenser is empty and I have no activatios in my account any longer. It’s all gone. I have all license numbers except the very first SL3. So I need a sl3 license again.