Does anyone have a downloadable

Halion 5? I’ve been trying to download from steinberg for 2 days. I have 105meg download and speed and reliability are NEVER an issue. The links provided to download the software are pitifully slow and unreliable. Does anyone have a server that is sharing the files. The links I have are:

Disc 1
Disc 2

And they simply don’t work. I’ve been on App Content 7.6 out of 7.8 gig for 5 hours and it keeps failing. The download has been going on for 27 hours already.


These are official links from Steinberg.
I tried them today and i got 850 kb/sec download so that looks not slow or unreliable.
This is a bit more then one hour for downloading one iso. (it is 14 gig)

Are you using a download manager ?
If yes: don’t use it, but just right clikc and save as.
If not: i would contact support directly. Maybe something has changed.

kind regards,

same problem. i have over 100mb internet and looking like 8 to 10 hours to download?