Does anyone have GForce MTron working on Cubasse 8 Mac?

I’ve just bought it, but it just will not show up in Cubase.

I already have GForce String machine, and support had already told me that the enigine builds are similar and there’s no reason it should not work.

I’m curious if this is just me. I have never had any issues loading a plugin before. Thanks

Upgraded to 8.5, and have since tried all available installers for GeForce M-Tron Pro.

This is the only plugin that I ever experienced not being able to install, and the support at GeForce has no clue why this would happen, especially as GeForce String Machine still works fine.

I’m not sure if I should file this in as a Bug Report… I want to do all I can. Otherwise I just spent full price for a VSTi that I’ll never use.

Has anyone had this issue with ANY plugin before?

I had an issue months ago getting MTron and a few other plugins to run on an older version of OS-X (I think it was Mavericks). It was due to the new version of OS-X library Apple provides, being compiled with the plugins, and thus incompatible with my older version of OS-X. I eventually upgraded to El Capitan – which solved this issue for the few plugins experiencing the problem. Not sure what version of OS-X you have nor if it’s even the same issue. But it’s one data point with MTron that was cleared-up, by upgrading the OS to El Capitan (I suspect Yosemite would also have fixed the issue).

Thanks for the response. Yes, it’s Mavericks.

I guess I’ve waited long enough to upgrade. I hope the update is still available at the App Store, I’ve heard that they eventually become unavailable around the time the next 2 OS updates release.

The developers may have identified the issue and have sent me a new installer build to try.
So I will try that before upgrading the OS.

For reference sake, I will do this and post the results.

Problem solved.

Apparently the tiny refresh button in Plugin Manager (that I have never seen before) forces Cubase to rescan all plugin folders. It looks like it would simply refresh the window, but it applies to startup.

Anyways, MTron started up after that,after 2 weeks of working with GeForce support (and they are good support btw).

That was the only plugin I’ve ever installed that required a rescan of the VST folders. Did anyone else know that the little refresh button did that?