Does anyone know a clever program to (always) save folder A to folder B?

I would like to always save my project template folder in Roaming Steinberg, to my cloud drive. I think its not possible to move the location of this folder permenantly,so this is second best. Does anyone know of an app that will save and update a program from location a to location b?


Maybe this: FreeFileSync
Use at your own risk, I have never used this utility.

If you are on Mac, check Hazel

Unless I’m missing something (always likely) wouldn’t any regular OS level backup program do this for you?

How so Raino? Maybe its me who is missing something. I want to automatically back up Cubase settings to another drive - Win 10, C11.


Well all those settings are in files somewhere down in AppData. If you run a regular backup schedule on your C: drive that should be backing up all those files.

I use EaseUS Todo Backup on my C: drive daily (a mix of Full & Incremental). If some element of Cubase got corrupted I could use EaseUS to restore the appropriate file(s) from the backups.

Windows Backup, set to daily or something should work or Windows File History will create a backup copy of a file every time it (the file) changes.

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Works great. Set it also to save your User Data Folder for full hygienic protection. :wink: