Does anyone know about "Track Match Montage" In Ripping CD's

I made myself a checklist a few months ago when Ripping CD’s where I wanted the rip to have the exact spacing as the original CD.
The note I made says “Save Montage as Track Match Montage.”
Now I’m ripping some more CD’s and can find nothing anywhere about “Track Match Montage.”

Does this ring a bell for anyone?

Chas Ferry

I don’t know of anything called a Track Match Montage in Wavelab. I always get the exact spacing when ripping no matter what. I don’t know of settings to get otherwise (unless you’re talking about non-quantized markers in the original montage that are quantized automatically in the CD and DDP. But even that’s the same absolute spacing). Were there other cases you weren’t getting exact spacing, do you remember?

Yeah, this doesn’t sound like a real Wavelab option.

You may want to use the “Convert To Audio Montage” command in the Import Audio CD box (see attachment).

You may also want to adjust the other settings to be sure that any audio (pauses) between CD tracks is included somewhere so that the spacing between song remains.

I don’t have enough experience doing this task to tell you the exact settings, but it appears that the settings are there to get the results you need.