Does anyone know how to disable the I., II., III... (Player Labels)

I wanted to know if it is possible to disable those specific Player labels

Usually, in the case of signalizing which player is playing, I used to just put the rest of its player as below…

The only Player label I actually need would be the a2.

Yes, you can select individual player labels and hide them in Engrave mode using the Properties panel.

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Oh, I haven’t find this option, the way I was doing it was to ‘painting’ it as white to disappear in the page, the problem is that there’s thousands and thousands of those I. and II., it was very time-consuming.

In case it’s helpful in future, when it comes to “making something disappear” or otherwise preventing something from being shown on the page, the term most likely to bring up relevant results in the manual is “hiding/showing”, or just “hiding” or “showing”. “Disabling” tends to be used in more specific contexts, like “disabling MIDI thru”.

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Other thing that for me sometimes is interesting to hide like those I. & II. is the aditional dynamics in the full score of the second voice of a staff that have two instruments, I know that in this case it is complicate because the dynamics (at least I think) is direct connect to the instrument not only by being there, but because it had a function, but I wanted to know if there is some way to hide crescendos and decrescendos? Because the p, mp, mf… I am able to hide, but about crescendos and decrescendos I didn’t find a way to hide this besides make it white.

In some context, the way the dynamics appears (because of the nature of the phrase and sections of musics I write) make the score be too crowded. This just concerns the full score obviously.

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