Does anyone know how to send MIDI to Elation DMX OperatorPRO

Hello. I am desperately trying to use Cubase 5 to send midi notes to my DMX controller, so my band can have an automated light show sync’d to our click track and backing trax. Everyone i’ve spoken with seems to think its very simple to do, but my every attempt has failed. Cubase is sending midi signal because my keyboard plays the notes, but my DMX controller doesn’t respond.

Does anyone have experience with this??? PLEASE HELP!


(wow, three separate posts for the same question! Are you hoping for three different answers? :wink: )

This is a subject that is extremely important to the future of my band’s performances. Also I’ve been scouring the internet for the past 4 days hoping to find someone who can give me one PROPER answer - instead of useless comments like the one you just posted. All due respect - if you have nothing useful to add, why bother commenting?

I replied to the first of your three posts, with a relevant answer. (and, politely, to the second :wink: )

so you did. Thank you. I responded to that just now also. I’ve had no success with this in 4 days so my patience is wearing thin. Forgive my lack of humour

It’ll cost you a beer if we ever meet :wink:

You got it!! :laughing: Hopefully my band will tour in your area eventually