Does anyone mind if...

… I use your words? I’ve written (partially) a song called “The Quiet Man” - for Martin (LQM/leedsquietman). I had a number of gaps in the lyrics and as I was reading through the sticky thread devoted to him here in the lounge I realised all the words I need were right there. Would anyone object if I used a bunch of these lines (tweaked) from the thread ? Not sure yet which ones but I selected a bunch from a number of posts that I thought could work. Also, I kinda liked the idea that there could a bit of the lounge collective incorporated in the song.
Would that be ok with you fellas - even though you don’t actually know if it includes you or not! ? :confused:

I could post a draft if anyone has concerns…

No problem, Ian.

I’m curious to hear what you come up with.

Ian, I think it’s a great idea. Go for it mate! :sunglasses:

Fine with me… nice idea Ian.

Do we have the means to share that with his widow when the time comes? I believe someone has contact info hopefully.


Yes, a good idea Ian, I think the feelings/sentiments expressed by the forum members in the original post are quite universal and so should be relevant to anyone.



Of course. Do it!

Definitely! I’d like to hear it when you’re finished. :slight_smile:

If you can figure something out where some part of my incoherent typing fits, go ahead. No problem … not for me at least! :astonished:


Just kidding. To be honest, you don’t need our permission – legally, morally, artistically. I look forward to hear what you come up with

nononononoooooh, Doug! you’re doing it all wrong! Big splashy text to lure them into deceptive tranquility and anxious anticipation, then when they’re beyond the point of no return the tiny text is used to cut their balls off! :mrgreen:

Hi Ian

First off … YES … you’re welcome to my words. Though don’t think I had anything to say except that i was gutted … twice.

Steve … hey … I read this … and like …

My first reaction was YUP … ‘strictly a Cubase Lounge song for Cubasers who knew QLM?’ … agreed AND … that it is was strictly a Cubase Lounge song for Cubasers who knew QLM which is a GOOD IDEA TO SHARE with others who had connection with him

Now I’ll go to a sensitive place within me … y’see, Ian’s intent and the way he’s putting it into operation … and your speculation that Martin’s nearest and dearest night not be able to identify DIRECTLY with the song … is stirring me to begin to find words for what I could not express, and questions which I’m having difficulty framing:

Martin was comfortable with being direct with his advice and contributions … as much as were any of the identified ‘loud people’. Yet … and I can’t put my finger on how he did this … he consistently lived up to and reflected the message of his username … leedsQUIETMAN.

Fucit … we knew he’d got auto immune problem. Title of his ruddy ALBUM, no less. But still … me … I did not have a clue that he was right on the threshold of ‘terminal’. And he’d been Dead for at least two weeks before we even heard the news of his passing.

That’s Quiet.

Look … I’m not crying and stuff but I can’t actually go on with this post … or if I can, then I’m floundering … I might be talking crap here, based on the unexpected and sudden death of my own dad when I was 21. I’ll be bloody angry with myself if the memory of that were hijacking my attention from the reality of Martin. OK. Having declared my uncertainly re myself and where I’m coming from, I’ll continue, just in case it makes some genuine/ relevant/useful sense here.

I’m trying to say that Ian’s intent is making total sense to me in a gut way.
Also that Steve’s examination of the situation is making total sense to me in the same way.

I’ve got a feeling that there were areas of himself which Martin did not speak … and that Ian will generate something … as far as I am concerned … and with my blessing … which will be ‘on our behalf’. People outside this forum will hear it and some MAY WELL NOT be able to relate to it directly … to identify with it. And I reckon that it could be for them, an important thing to be ‘there for them’ and ‘available to them’ … to, as it were, begin to fill some of the gaps - gaps which due to his quietness - he might have left behind.

Ah … I think that’s kind of what I was wanting to say.


well … I mean :frowning: & :slight_smile:. … with a wish that the smiling emoticon did not look so 'grin’y

EDITED … because: Oh Bolloc Buger … I did NOT see Doug’s small print in the tiny preview window which had warned me of ‘now post has been published’. I just saw the LITIGATION KIWI ARSE bit … and did a sweet oil-on-water adendum. THEN I posted … THEN I read Ulf’s response and saw the small print. Hokay. Hokay. I need to have a cup of tea. :laughing:

Much respect, Glyn.

Well said.

Thanks for the responses guys. Especially Doug… man that cracked me up… that was a coffee sprayed on the screen moment for sure! :laughing:

@Steve - you ask some valid questions. What inspired me? Well, is ‘inspired’ the right word? I think ‘moved’ is more appropriate actually. Of course I didn’t know Martin personally… I know him in the same way I know you and many other people here. But though many of us have never actually shaken each others hand, let’s face it, we, and particularly those that have been lurking here a good many years, do share a unique kind of comradery. The truth is I probably share more of myself here with you folk than I do with my ‘real world’ friends. That’s an interesting observation in itself I think. Martin was a regular contributor and a I had a fair amount of interaction with him here. Late last year he’d particularly asked to hear a song that I am currently having professionaly remixed (and co-produced as it turns out). He was particularly keen to hear the result and I was looking forward to sharing the experience with him, (and others of course). It saddens me to know that conversation with someone I respected will never happen. I realise your queations relate to your recent thread about people different sorces of song writing inspiration, well, this situation is very typical of where I have drawn much of my motivation and desire to create. While I think the ‘assembled’ lyrics will be fairly generic, those that KNOW what was behind the song will also know that LQM was in my mind at the time of writing.


It’s a touching and generous thing you’re doing, Ian. Good luck with it.
It’s an interesting discussion, writing a tribute to someone you only knew on the internet,
It makes sense that his family and friends may not connect with whatever you come up with,
since many of your lyrics will be speculative, and his loved ones IRL know him as no one else does,
but if your tribute is honest and heartfelt, I’m sure they’ll appreciate the gesture nonetheless.

What we do know is that Martin was soft spoken, had an easy way about him, and was willing to extend
himself and share his knowledge with others with no expectation of anything in return - and he was
‘one of us’ - an artist and long time community member.

I applaud you, Ian, for stepping up and doing this.

Who me? C.O.M.A ? :astonished:

The experience for me was too personal to ever be about being the centre of attention. If no one ever heard the song I wouldn’t feel any different to say a zillion people hearing it. And it may be a pile of poo to other peoples ears anyway! :laughing:

See it just happened like this: I’m in my studio… and I’d just been watching some Elton John/Leon Russell clips as it happens and visiting some of my favourite old Elton tunes ( I posted that “oven” song in another thread as a result of my meanderings round yutube that evening). Feeling musically inspired I then swung round to my piano and started dabbling away…thinking I hadn’t really written a piano tune for a very long time, almost every song I put together last year was largely guitar-based, apart from a Haiti instrumental. Thoughts of Martin and ‘bigger’ questions about life the universe and everything kinda just came floating by as I was exploring some chord and melody ideas… and from that a few lyrics then kinda started forming in my head… and well… a while later there’s this skeleton of a song emerging. It was at this point that it was clear to me that this song was going to be a tribute to Martin… though I didn’t actually sit down and think “I’m going to write a tribute song for LQM tonight.” It was all a lot more random really, as it often is. Well, it seems like it’s random anyway… subconsciously…who knows? Anyway, it was then that I revisited the thread and saw lines from peoples postings that - some just stood out in the context of what I already had in my mind, hence this thread.

Anyway… I don’t want to make this out to be more than it is. Like I say, it may well be a really awful song… I’m enjoying the process as always, but the jury will decide in the end!

So, for me I guess it’s perhaps as much about that mysterious and often very personal experience we all enjoy called the ‘creative process’ as much as it is about our lost comrade. One thing I’m sure about though, this song only exists because of Martin, and though our interaction was ‘virtual’ and physically detached somehow he entered my life in a meaningful way through this portal - certainly enough for me to feel the impact of his passing. And if you wanted to explore the possible spiritual nature of that… well that’s a whole other topic!


Ian, you needn’t defend yourself against such a groundless and pointless swipe.
For all the years you’ve been posting your music here, you’ve been nothing but humble, gracious and grateful
for all constructive feedback. I’ve never sensed a hint of egotism from you. On the contrary, you tend to be
self deprecating.

Methinks that C.O.M.A. is a term born out of jealousy of someone who’s released several cd’s of good music,
from someone who’s been here just as long and still promising to finish that first tune. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wonderful idea, Ian. Yes indeed. After reading the comments above I am once again strengthened by the camaraderie displayed in this forum. I am looking forward to hearing your effort.


I did really see Steve as having a ‘go at me’ - that’s just Steve being Steve i.e. a total ‘Kock’ :laughing:
Actually, it did prompt me to think more about how this song came about which was useful in the context of Steve’s recent thread questioning peoples creative processes. So, I appreciate your concerns but I think you can put your boxing gloves down… for now at least :smiley:

Cheers Michael. :sunglasses:

So anyway, the lyrics so far have ended up being uncomplicated with interestingly no rhyming either which is not so common for me. If you see one of your lines in here…well, what can I say? thanks! :sunglasses:
My next challenge is to sing it! I’ve deliberately set it in a not-so-comfortable key, forcing myself to sing in a lower register which is outside my usual ‘comfort zone’. I’ve elected to do this after some vocal mentoring from a friend of mine. He heard something in my lower tones which he though had a lot more character than where I’ve been feeling more comfortable singing in more recent times. Well, maybe… dunno… so…let’s see how this goes… GULP! :slight_smile:

The Quiet Man
©2011 Ian Rushton with a little help from his friends

Think you know people, but you really don’t
Makes you think about those that matter most to you
We all give back this loan to the Mother Earth

And when you talk to the quiet man
A nice guy with a voice of reason
And when you talk with the quiet man
He disarms you with his kindness
The quiet man…

Do your best, make your gardens grow beautiful
We raise a glass, and we’ll toast him tonight
Didn’t know him long but I wish I’d known him longer – the quiet man




Impressive so far, Ian. Well done!